Stonehenge Slate Inc. is a premier importer and wholesale distributor of natural stone  products from around the world committed to providing exceptional customer service and high quality materials at very competitive prices.

We import materials from several countries, some of which include Brazil, China, India, Italy & Turkey. We ensure strict quality control & ethical working conditions. Packing of all materials complies with international packing standards.

We have in stock the largest inventory of natural stone pavers at our New Jersey warehouse. Materials can be delivered directly to your yard or they can be picked up from our warehouse. We also deliver container loads directly to the yard for our wholesale customers. Our products can be shipped to anywhere in the US.

Stonehenge Slate Inc. imports a wide variety of natural stones including Sandstone, Travertine, Granite, Quartzite, Limestone, Slate, Ledge Stone Panels and Thin Veneers. Also available are steps, treads, pier caps & slabs. Several sizes & different colors are purchasable. Product test results can be provided upon request.

We enjoy working with our customers to meet their needs, specializing in custom cutting for large projects. As part of our service, we provide free samples and assist our customers through education and problem solving.

Stonehenge Slate Inc. looks forward to serving you with the finest natural stone products, while providing value and satisfaction. For more information please call 732 951 0076 or email

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